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Protecting your commercial roof and keep it in good condition is in your best interest as a business owner  or building manager, so make sure you schedule a routine maintenance program with a roofing company specialized in commercial roofing.

Normally, you must not wait for signs indicating that it is time for a roof inspection; schedule inspections regularly (twice a year, say the specialists), no matter how the roof seems like. Damage is not obvious and besides, the purpose of these inspections is to identify vulnerabilities before they turn into larger and costlier damage.

However, if regular maintenance was not exactly your preoccupation, here are signs that indicate your commercial roof needs attention from a Denver commercial roofing company specialist:

  • Water Leaks

A water leak is a emergency, even if we are talking about a single event or multiple leaks. Water infiltrations will cause a lot of damage, so you must contact a roofing contractor immediately.

  • Mold inside the building

If there is mold on the walls (or you just smell it), it means that water has already found a way into the building even if there is no obvious leak yet.

  • High Energy Bills

If your energy bills are unjustifiably high and the thermal comfort is not so great either, you may have problems with the roof’s insulation, which is likely compromised.


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