Think Spring Longmont RoofingRoof inspections are the only way to reveal roofing problems in time, therefore they are important tasks that should never be ignored during Longmont roofing maintenance sessions. Here is why and how to do it in spring:

  • Start with roof cleaning – to be able to detect any roof fault, even the smallest and the thinnest defect, you need a clean surface that you can inspect. Start your spring maintenance with roof cleaning – having a clean roof will not only give you more visibility, but will also remove harmful roof debris that can trap moisture and cause roof problems;
  • Look at the roof from the ground – many roof faults, such as sagging or missing components, are easily noticeable from the ground, so start your inspection looking at the roof standing on the ground;
  • Continue at roof level – use a ladder to climb up to roof, but step on the roof only if you are completely sure that the roof is strong enough to hold your weight;
  • Wear safety gear – proper work clothes, non-slip boots, a helmet and safety harnesses are essential accessories;
  • Note even the tiniest fault – check every inch of the roof, including the flashing stripes and the roof valleys and note every little crack or puncture – all these issues will need to be corrected right after the inspection.
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