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Gutter cleaning is a tedious task that most homeowners don’t like doing, but it is also an essential task for maintaining your gutters strong and healthy. The process involves climbing up to the gutters and carrying out cleaning-related tasks in awkward positions up there, which also means that you need to pay attention to your safety while cleaning your gutters – here are some tips how:

  • Position the ladder properly – the ladder that you climb on needs to be placed on a hard and even surface. If the ground underneath the gutter is bumpy or soft, place a wooden plank or board on the ground and stand your ladder on the board to ensure its stability. You also need to anchor the ladder properly on the top, fastening it to the edge of the roof;
  • Use the ladder properly – while climbing on the ladder, always have three limbs on the ladder and ask someone to be there for you on the ground;
  • Wear protective clothing – sturdy, non-slip work boots, comfortable, not too loose and not too tight clothes that allow you to move freely, a head protection helmet and sturdy work gloves are essential for your safety while on the ladder.  Always use your best judgement, if you don’t feel like you can do the job safely yourself, call the Littleton roofing experts to help you out.
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