Summber Preventive Maintenance Commercial Roofing System

Facility management is an interdisciplinary field, dedicated to the maintenance of commercial and institutional buildings, such as malls, office buildings and business parks, logistics parks, hotels, resorts, schools, sports arenas, congress centers etc.

Tasks include the maintenance of air conditioning systems, electrical systems, lighting – all of which are part of technical maintenance; cleaning, disinfection and rodent control, space management, decoration, reception, care of green areas and security are also part of this field.

In addition, there are tasks such as ensuring that the surrounding area is properly cleaned, cared for and sanitized for tenants and also security tasks, which prevent theft and vandalism and maintain a safe environment for tenants and visitors alike.

  • Summer is the most suitable season for the exterior maintenance operations by Denver commercial roofing companies. Maintaining the building`s facade – The operations required include washing or painting.
  • Landscaping services – Landscaping includes laying roller lawns, planting trees, flowers or shrubs, as appropriate, mechanical or manual tree grooming (trim, shape and train branches and crowns), care of green areas on the premises, mechanical mowing and watering.
  • Parking maintenance – Parking works typically include installing parking kerbs and repainting the markings.
  • Vacuuming and washing uncovered spaces (tiles, granite, mosaic)
  • Cleaning the exterior space related to the commercial building



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