Colorado summers are famous for their sunshine, long days and cool nights. While us Coloradoans love to soak up the sun, our homes and especially our roofs can really take a beating during the summer months. Make sure you schedule regular roof consultations with your local roofing contractors in Longmont, CO, and check out these summer roofing maintenance tips to keep your home in top condition.

Check if your roof has accumulated algae, moss, or any debris. If yes, put on work gloves, climb up there with a ladder, and remove them carefully. You can do it during the cooler morning hours since the summer days can get quite hot.

Debris like tree leaves, branches, and bird’s nests can clog your gutter and make the roof dirty. Too much weight on gutters can also make them collapse and thereby damage the roof. Most of the filth are accumulated during the spring storms and summer is the perfect time to clean them out.

Inspect the roof very carefully to find out if it suffers any leak, damage, or cracks. Check out if there is any broken, missing, or loose shingles. Rainwater and storms can cause the leaks and cracks while high winds can dislodge the shingles. So, if you detect any such damage, call a roofing contractor to fix the problems.

Many roofs have metal strips around the ridge, vents, and chimney. These strips and sometimes the gutters can come loose during winter and spring storms. Repairing or replacing these loosened fixtures this summer will be less expensive than waiting until they are deteriorated or detached.

Timely performing the outdoor home maintenance tasks is like investing for the long-term good health of your home. These roof maintenance tasks will not take more than a couple of hours but they will save both your time and money on repairs in the long run. However, if your roof seems to have bigger problems, it would be better to take help from a professional roofer. Regular roof maintenance will protect the roof in the long run.

Outdoor Home: Summer Roof Maintenance Tips


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