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Each type of material used for building commercial roofs comes with a different lifespan – asphalt roofs live for about 15-20 years, TPO and EPDM for 20-30 years, while metal is most durable, able to protect your roof for 30-40 years. However, the actual longevity of your roof is influenced by lots of factors – here they are:

  • The climate – whatever material your roof is made from, its longevity will be ultimately determined by Mother Nature. You can mitigate the effects of the weather by choosing the roofing material adequately – asphalt roofs are suitable for moderate climate areas, metal works great in regions where they don’t get exposed to too much water, while TPO and EPDM can work well in any climate, provided that they are properly taken care of;
  • Installation – improper installation can ruin any roof and will lead to the premature deterioration of the entire structure, so make sure your roof is installed by a reliable professional company such as Colorado Superior Roofing of Denver;
  • Maintenance – even the roofs that have been professionally installed and made from the best materials can get prematurely damaged if they are not maintained properly. To make sure your roof lives for as long as it should, schedule semi-annual maintenance sessions, get the problems detected during the inspection repaired quickly and if your roof requires protective treatment, make sure the coating is applied and reapplied regularly.
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