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The components of commercial roofs depend on the type of roof that you chose for your building. Most commercial buildings have either flat or low-sloping roofing systems. They are made of alternated layers of materials.

The first layer is the weatherproofing layer, which is designed to keep water from entering your building through the roof. It is the most important part involved in the protection of your commercial building against outside elements, so it should be installed properly.

The reinforcement layer has the purpose of adding more resistance to the weatherproofing layer, offering more stability, strength and punctures.

The surfacing layer has the role of protecting the first two layers from the outside elements, while also reflecting solar heat and keeping the interior temperature stable, without having to consume too much energy.

Commercial roofs can be made of different materials, depending on the type of your roof. Built-up roofs are made of alternated sheets of materials that are typically made from tar or a similar material, and gravel or liquid surfacing part.

Modified bitumen is another material that is commonly used for commercial roofs. It is more resistant than conventional bitumen.

Foam roofs or Denver EPDM roofing systems are some other popular choices for commercial roofing systems.

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