Flat Roof Options And Maintenance in Highlands Ranch Colorado

Contemporary-style homes and commercial buildings usually have flat roofs. Due to their lack of pitch, they can actually develop issues pretty early, usually only a few years after their installation. Leaking is one of the most commonly encountered problems with flat roofs. But to correct the issue, sometimes you may only need a patch.

According to latest data, the average costs for repairing a flat roof in the US is somewhere between $250 and $1000. For a leaky flat roof, homeowners usually pay about $600. Fixing just a couple of cracked shingles may cost about $50. Replacing a flat roof may cost about $5000.

The main criteria according to which roof experts set their pricing is the amount of work needed to fix the issues, i.e. on the complexity of the problem. They usually do not charge per square foot, but the actual size of the affected area certainly plays an important part in determining the final costs. You should probably expect to pay somewhere between $3 and $10 per square foot for having your flat roof fixed by a flat roof repair professional team.

The type of material may also influence the repair costs, the least expensive ones being fiberglass, modified bitumen or BUR, and the most expensive ones being rubber, concrete or metal.

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