Common Flat Roof Commercial Roofing Repairs

Roofs are built to last and are made from strong materials, but each roofing type has its own issues, its own weak points. Here are some of the most typical problems that affect flat roofs:

  • Leaks – water tends to accumulate more easily on flat surfaces. If that flat surface is a roof, the accumulated water can form ponds that stay on the roof for a long time, weakening and damaging the material underneath and causing leaks to appear. There are various methods to prevent and to repair such leaks, most of them quick and easy and should be done by a notable commercial roofing company;
  • Alligatoring – the problem affects flat roofs made from asphalt material and it is a sign that the material has reached the end of its lifespan. The affected surface looks like alligator skin, cracked, peeling, with bubbles in it;
  • Cracks – flat surfaces are also more sensitive to pressure. When flat roofs are exposed to thick layers of snow, they tend to crack, allowing water to reach into places where it can cause further damage. The cracks in flat roofs need professional repair, so if you notice the issue, call a roofer right away;
  • Flashing problems – flat roofs expand and contract as the temperature changes and that continuous movement might cause the flashing around the roof openings to pull away. The process might cause leaks, so the flashing must be replaced as soon as you notice the fault.
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