Roof Problems For Spring Time

Winter is not only harsh and heavy on roofs – it also conceals roof faults that become visible only when the last patch of snow has melted away. Spring being the time for fixing the damage done by the winter, it is the best time for roof checks and roof maintenance as well – here are the most common roofing issues caused by the cold season, issues that you should look for and can easily detect in spring:

  • Loose and broken components – the eaves, the gutters, the tiles and the shingles are all sensitive to the low temperatures of winter as well as to the weight of the snow on the roof. Perform an inch-by-inch check of the roof and fix them all;
  • Chimney damage – wide temperature changes and the weight of the snow can cause cracks in the chimney, damage that needs your immediate attention;
  • Leaks – if you have noticed some leaks during the winter, but you thought there was not much you could do about them with all that snow up there, when spring comes, it is time to go up to the attic to identify the source of the leak and to fix the problem or to call a roofer and get the leak fixed professionally.

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