The term roof pitch is used for denoting the steepness of a roof. Calculated with the help of the correlation between rise of the roof and its run (the distance between the edge of the structure and its peak), the roof pitch is the feature that determines most other roof-related decisions, including the roofing material to be used – here are a few important things that you should know about roof pitches:

  • Low-pitched roofs cannot be made from the same materials as steep roofs, the only material that is suitable for both types being metal;
  • The roof pitch is the parameter of the roof that you or your roofing expert will use to calculate the quantity of the roofing materials used for building the roof. As a general rule, steep roofs are more material-intensive than low-sloping or flat structures;
  • The pitch of your roof needs to be designed not only with visual appeal in mind, but also taking into consideration the climate region where the building is located – buildings in areas that get lots of rain and snow are better off using steeper roofs, while buildings in hot climate zones can benefit more from low-sloping or flat roofs;

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