Commercial Roofer Roof Drains

Flat roofs allow water drainage directed through drainage holes. They are mounted in the lower part of the roof level and are connected to the sewer pipes. Sealing is done with bituminous or polyurethane waterproofing membrane, typically during the stage of waterproofing the entire roof.

The drainage system for a sealed roof is a very important element but it is often neglected. Many people choose improperly sized roof drains, while others do not want to ruin the aesthetics of the facade when the drainage is made through exterior downspouts.

Unfortunately, improper roof drains will fail to evacuate water as quickly as they should. However, sometimes even proper roof drains may turn to be ineffective if they get clogged with debris.

Cleaning the roof drains of a flat roof is not complicated. You will need some tools – a pipe brush, a broom, a hose, a plumber`s snake and a flashlight. You should start the work by cleaning the surrounding area from dirt and debris, to prevent them from entering the drain while you clean it.

Remove the dome and use the flashlight to inspect the drain. Use your hand to remove the blockage, but do not go too far because you don`t want to get stuck in there. Use the hose and pour some water in the drain hole to determine whether it is still clogged. If it is, use the plumber`s snake and the pipe brush to clean the remaining debris build-up and run the hose again.

Do not forget to reattach the dome when you are done.  A licensed commercial roofer can do the job for you to be sure it is done right.


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