Tips To Keeping Your Gutters Leaf Free

If there are no trees hanging over your house, the gutters and downspouts must not be cleaned so often, but if there are trees nearby, autumn`s arrival will surely bring with it many dry leaves and twigs that will find their place in the gutters, blocking the water from flowing away from the building. When gutters become ineffective in protecting your house from rainy weather, you must take some measures.

Fortunately, cleaning the gutters is pretty simple and can be done by any homeowner, or qualified Longmont roofing company.

How often you need to clean them depends on the amount of accumulated debris. If you have many big trees around the house, it is best to invest in gutter screens that are specially designed to cover them, allowing the water, but keeping debris away.

The gutters are designed to collect the rainwater and direct it away from the house. If you do not clean them regularly, they may clog, which will result in serious damage to your house and more work for you.

Water that comes of clogged gutters will flow along the walls, causing stains, mold and rot and infiltrating in the basement. The weight of the accumulated water may also bend the downspout, creating a little waterfall that will cause even more damage to your house.

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