Keeping Metal Roofing From Fading

Metal roofs are special in many ways, one of the features that make them stand out being that they can be repainted whenever you want. When you buy your metal roof, you choose its color, too and your metal roofing panels are delivered to your building coated with high-quality paint in the chosen color. However, without proper attention and care, even the best paint fades, especially on the roof, the building component that is the most exposed to the elements. Here are a few things that you can do to protect the color of your Longmont roofing:

  • Apply the right type of protective coating – unprotected paint is more sensitive to the sun’s UV rays and can loose its luster within a few years. Fortunately, there are many clear coating products available for metal roofs – they prevent the breaking-down of the topmost layer of paint and many of them provide additional protection against rust and corrosion as well;
  • Reapply the paint as indicated in the instructions – the protective coating needs to be reapplied regularly, usually at 3-5 years intervals;
  • Repaint the roof – the best way to make sure that your roof maintains its color is to apply the protective coating while the paint is still new. If your roof color is faded, repaint it and apply the coating afterwards.
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