2020 Happy New Year New Roof Flat Roof Repair

When you plan a commercial new flat roof repair in 2020, it is good to take into account some of the new trends.

If until recently a green roof was a curiosity, rather encountered in architectural contests or in avant-garde creations, at present it is possible to speak of a well-defined trend, with predictable results, which can be evaluated immediately. More and more cities have urban planning projects that encourage their construction and maintenance, with monitoring the effects on the quality of the environment. Green roof arrangements are no longer isolated events, but rather elements of vertical development strategies, involving architects, builders, developers, beneficiaries and, of course, top producers.

At present, green roofs can be found on administrative buildings, offices, hotels or commercial complexes, as well as on industrial constructions, residential assemblies and even annexes. Any building with a flat roof can become a support for a green space, which will improve the quality of the air, insulate, protect and add value to the construction, all the more so as the thermo-waterproofing of flat commercial roofs is no longer an optional optimization of the construction, but a compulsory feature, included in the design project, regardless of the purpose of the space below.





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