Roofer Can Help Protect Your Roof From Tree Damage

Having large trees around your house is a great thing – they are pleasing to the eye, they keep shade, they are home to the cutest critters, such as birds and squirrels. However, trees that have limbs overhanging your roof are also potential risk factors – the leaves and twigs falling off the tree can accumulate on the surface of the roof and can clog the gutters and the larger limbs can get torn off the tree in stormy weather and dropped onto the roof. Fortunately, there are great methods that you can use to have your large tree and prevent roofing damage, too:

  • Manage the tree – large trees are usually old trees, too and old trees are more susceptible to damage and tree diseases. To prevent tree damage, make sure to inspect your tree every couple of months and cut off any dead branch the moment you notice it;
  • Cut off the tree limbs overhanging your roof – even if the limbs right over the roof are healthy, it is a good idea to cut them off to prevent the damage caused by limbs being moved by strong winds;
  • Maintain the roof, too – have a Parker roofer strengthen the roof, paying special attention to the roofing areas directly underneath the tree is another way to make sure your roof does not get damaged by your tree.
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