Flat Roof Repair Top Tips

Cracks and tears are the most common issues that lead to the development of leaks in flat roofs. Most commercial roofs are made from metal sheets or from PVC, rubber or asphalt membranes, all of them strong and durable materials, but a bit sensitive to impact. Fortunately, the rips that you detect on your flat roof are not very complicated to fix. Here are some tips:

  • Finding the damaged area – if you notice a leak inside your building, the source is probably directly above the damp patch in the room. After getting an idea of where the leak might be located, you should climb up to the roof to inspect its surface closely. Be careful while walking on the roof and have someone assist you from the ground while you are up there. Be prepared that the rip might be visible only when looking at it from close;
  • Fixing the rip – only a clean roof can be efficiently repaired, so start the process with sweeping away any debris and water from the area that you are going to work on and also remove the damaged material around the crack or hole. After cleaning the affected roof area, wait until it dries completely, then seal the cracks with suitable material, such as caulk or roofing cement, better yet have the professional flat roof repair company do the job correctly and safely..
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