Waterproofing A Commercial Roof

Most commercial roofs are flat constructions and, as a result, pose special challenges: while in the case of sloping roofs, gravity helps the water from rain and melted snow slide down on the side of the roof, flat roofs are parallel to the ground and without a proper drainage system, they keeps the water on their surface. Ponding water can damage flat roofs causing various problems, from leaks to damaged structure, therefore waterproofing your flat roof is essential for preserving its health and for making it last.

The causes for the accumulation of water on flat roofs include not only the special shape – the problem can be caused by clogged gutters that prevent the water from being directed away from the roof, dirt and debris that accumulates on the roof and absorbs water, keeping it locked in and damaging the surface underneath, neglected hail damage and damaged sustained by the seams, flashing and joints. The first step toward waterproofing your flat roof is through roof cleaning, followed by detailed inspection from commercial roofing contractors in the local area to detect any roof faults and by the necessary repairs. When all the issues are addressed, you and your roofer can start thinking about the necessary waterproofing measures: if the gutter system is appropriate and it needed only some cleaning, you can consider the issue solved, but if the gutters are inefficient, you should design and install a proper drainage system to prevent water damage in the future.

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