Top Trends Roofing Products Contractors Install

Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular these days and that growing popularity has brought about diversity in terms of the styles and properties available with metal roofs. Here are the trends that roofing contractors Longmont CO have installed that will govern metal roofing design in 2020:

  • Energy efficiency and sustainability – the current interest for net-zero buildings – constructions that consume the energy that they produce – has increased the interest for metal alloys that can be used on such buildings. The most popular metal roofing products are able to form a very efficient thermal barrier on the building, preventing thermal exchange between the exterior and the exterior;
  • Weather resistance – the frequency of extreme weather events, such as hurricanes and tornadoes, is increasing all over the world, which has also led to a growing interest towards metal roofing materials developed to resist high winds, hail, harsh sunshine, heavy rain and snow;
  • Bold designs – in the past, metal panels were used only for creating plain, flat roofs, but as more and more architects and building owners recognize the potential offered by the strength of metal, bold, unique roof designs have become very trendy. Boldness is what defines color choices as well – many building owners today choose colorful metal roofs, red, green, orange and blue being some of the most popular hues.
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