Types of Siding

CSR&E Type of Exterior Siding for Homes Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is the preferred type of siding in many areas of the U.S. That is largely because it is the most affordable siding solution. Vinyl siding also comes in a wide variety of colors and styles so there is no need paint it immediately after install. You must be careful with vinyl siding because the material quality can vary widely. Colorado’s intense sun, violent storms, and temperature extremes are very hard on vinyl siding. With many of the cheaper brands we have seen color fading, warping from sun exposure, cracking, and moisture intrusion. That is why we only use premium vinyl siding manufacturers. With premium vinyl siding you can still get a cost- effective solution for your home without sacrificing quality and durability.

Types of Exterior Siding CSR&E  Exterior Services  Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is the siding that is most often recommended by professional siding installers in Colorado. It stands up to Colorado’s temperature extremes and is also the most hail resistant choice. However, there are many different manufacturers of fiber cement siding, and the quality can vary. So we use, the most reliable brand in the industry–James Hardie®.  James Hardie siding shows excellent resistance to cracking, fading, and warping in the intense Colorado sun. It is stronger and more durable than most other choices as well. It even provides excellent protection from pests such as birds, and insects, and is even more fire resistant than other choices. It is designed to look remarkably like wood; however, it is not as expensive. This siding is built to last decades with little maintenance.

Exterior Services Contrractor Installing LP Smartside

Composite Siding

 LP SmartSide is similar to fiber cement siding products such as James Hardie but it is made with different components.   Composite siding offers excellent longevity and durability, even in the Colorado climate. It is particularly resistant to hail. Although if hail is large enough, it can damage any type of siding. Much like fiber cement siding, it is also resistant to pests such as bids, bugs, and termites. It even has UV resistance to prevent fading due to the intense Colorado sun.

Diamond Kote LP Smartside Residential Exterior Siding CSR&E Colorado Exterior Siding Services

Diamond Kote

This is the premium version of the LP Smartside line of siding, and it is an exceptionally durable wood composite siding material.   It is basically the LP Smartside product with an extremely tough and durable coating applied to it. It comes with a 30-Year warranty against fading and a 5/50-Year Limited Siding Systems Warranty. It has all the other qualities of LP Smartside, it is just made stronger and longer lasting due to the Diamond Kote coating. It is also made from renewable sources with strict adherence to Sustainable Initiative® standards.

CSR& E Exterior Wood Siding

Wood Siding

Most of the other options presented here are designed to look like wood. Well, you also have the option of using the real thing. Although fiber cement, composite and even premium vinyl siding offer some great, cost-effective alternatives, it is hard to match the authentic look of look of real wood siding. It comes in a variety of wood types in their natural colors. Genuine wood siding is also quick to install and simple to repair. For the environmentally conscious, it is also a much better choice than any of the other types listed here. It is readily available in Colorado from sustainable sourced options, and it is 100% biodegradable. As you might expect though, real wood siding tends to be more expensive than the other options.

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