Commercial Roofer Components Of Flat Roof

Flat roofs are becoming increasingly popular these days, being used on mostly any type of building. There are certain components that make up a flat roof, with layers being placed one on top of the other, in a certain specific order.

The substrate, also known as the roof deck, is the one the supports the whole structure. This layer is made of plywood, boards or planks, providing the base for the remaining roof layers.

The vapor barrier is installed next, only if the insulation is placed on top of the roof deck. Typically consisting of fiberglass, it can take various degrees of thickness, depending on the climate and weather conditions in the area where the flat roof is installed by a Denver commercial roofer.

On top of the insulation layers goes the protection board, provided that the insulation is made over the roof deck. The base layer comes next. This one takes the form of wide felt mats which are being rolled on the surface of the roof. These felt mats can be fixed into place through several methods.

The uppermost layer of a flat roof is the granulated top. This is made of special granules to protect the roof from winds, water or the sun.


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