Roofing Options For Commercial Roofer Choices

If you are currently exploring the roofing options available for your commercial facility, you have surely seen that there are many different materials that you can use. If you feel that making the right choice is too much of a daunting task, here are some details about the most common materials used on commercial roofs:

  • Metal – these roofing systems come in many material variants, including corrugated and stainless steel, tin, copper and aluminum. Metal roofing is strong, durable, easy to install and affordable, its only weak point being the sensitivity to extended contact with water (easy to avoid with proper roof care and the right type of protective coating);
  • Modified bitumen – made using alternated layers of reinforced fabrics and bitumen, these systems are durable and easy to maintain constructions. The material features superior tensile strength, therefore it is the best choice for a commercial roofer for roofs that get lots of foot traffic;
  • Built-up membrane – the most traditional type of commercial roof is the tar-and-gravel roof that is so common all over the world. The solution is cheap, durable and easy to install and offers the owners control over the material costs by allowing them to choose the number of layers to be installed.
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