Light Roof Reflective Cool Roof Repair

The traditional cool roof is sloped and made from materials that reflect sunlight (white/ light or metallic). Therefore, it works as a very efficient thermal buffer. Because it reduces the temperature fluctuations inside the house, the heating / cooling costs also decrease significantly.

What you need to know about the cold roof

A sloped and light colored/ reflective roof stays cool and reduces the amount of heat that enters the house. Even if you have an air conditioning system, it will not be as necessary as in a house with a flat roof.  You can find out more from Littleton roof repair companies on how to have a cool roof installed on your home.

Whether or not it includes an attic converted into a living space, a cold roof must be adequately ventilated. Therefore, ventilation openings are mandatory, in the ridge area and on the eaves. The cold roof reduces the cooling/ heating costs of the house by 7 – 10%. If the house has an air conditioner, it will be used less, therefore the electricity costs will also be lower.

An important advantage of a cold roof comes from the fact that you can actually capitalize on the space below. That is, you will be able to build a room under the roof.

Another advantage is its resistance to wind and storm. Additionally, when it rains, a sloped roof allows water to drain quickly and will be therefore less affected by precipitations.

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