Commercial Flat Roof

A gravel roof is a type of built-up roof consisting of alternated layers of hot tar and mineral aggregate, such as small river stones. Initially, tar and gravel roofs used tar paper, but today’s modern constructions use more durable fiberglass membranes. The topmost layer of these roofing systems is always gravel, using the stone to press down the other layers of the roof and to protect the membrane against the harmful actions of water, heat and UV radiation.

Gravel roofs are common on the commercial as well as on the residential buildings that have flat roofs. The solution is affordable and it offers lots of other benefits as well, including efficient heat insulation, a rugged construction that can be walked on safely and long lifespan that can easily last up to or over 40 years, and then need for flat roof repair is kept at a minimal.

There are several other aspects that you should also know about before choosing a gravel roofing for your building. This type of built-up roof is quite heavy, so the building underneath needs to be able to support the weight of the tar and of the stones. The other thing to bear in mind is that gravel roofs are not suitable for DIY installation because the hot tar can cause severe injuries if not handled properly.


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