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Getting a new roof is an exciting project that also involves lots of important decisions. One of those decisions pertains to the color – the hue that you choose for your roof can make or break the appearance of your entire property. Here are some aspects to consider when it comes to picking the best Parker roofing color:

  • Your climate zone – the color of your roof can affect the temperature in your building and the amount of energy you need to cool and to heat your rooms. Lighter colors are reflective, therefore they work great in hot climates, while darker hues absorb heat, therefore they work better in colder climate regions;
  • Color coordination – the color of your roof needs to go well with the color of the walls as well as with the color of the trim. You can check out color palettes and experiment with hues using online simulators;
  • The style of your building – if you have a classic building and you are looking for a harmonious, toned-down appearance, you cannot go wrong choosing the roof color from a terracotta or brown palette. If your building features a bold, modern style, you can be bold when choosing your roof color as well and you can choose a beige, green, blue, grey or black hue.
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