What Are The Longest Lasting Roofing MaterialsWhen choosing the roof for your home, you will appeal to subjective criteria such as the estimated budget, color or design (classic, Mediterranean, rustic, etc.), but considering that a new roof is a very long-term investment, it is very important to take into account a number of objective selection criteria.

How to choose the best roof

First, “best” is an attribute that implies a combination of qualities: tightness, durability, mechanical resistance, protection against outdoor noise, thermal insulation, ease of installation and manufacturer’s warranty.

Metal roofs are some of the best-known materials, due to their durability, longevity and the ability to withstand wind, hail and fire. Modern fabrication techniques of a metal roof enhance its durability by providing customers with a roof that will last a lifetime.

Progress in terms of durability is due to improvements in painting technology, especially when it comes to zinc-galvanizing. This technology offers complete coverage that withstands even the toughest environmental conditions and ensures a longer life span of the metal roof.

The textured surface provides additional protection by coating natural stone granules into a basic acrylic layer. A clear acrylic glaze is applied on the shingle`s surface, to enhance the UV-resistance as well as the capacity to withstand the toughest weather phenomena.  Taking the advice of roofing contractors Longmont CO supplies is the best way to achieve a long lasting roof, with the newest roofing materials available.


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