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Roof leaks raise many challenges for homeowners. They never appear at a time that is convenient and can lead to significant damage of the house. Their effects can last long after the necessary repairs have been done, in the form of mold growth and other structural damage.

But sometimes, determining the source of a leak can be even more of a challenge, because water travels along pipes and other structural elements, so the source of the leak from the outside of the house rarely matches the area where the leak occurs inside the house. Finding the source of the roof leak is challenging and is definitely not an exact science. It is rather a process of elimination, since a roof leak can have many causes and sometimes it may not even be the direct result of a specific problem associated with your roof.

Among the most common causes of roof leaks we mention:

  • poor quality roof installation or repairs;
  • wear of old roofing materials;
  • mechanical defects caused by natural factors or human action;
  • corrosion of metallic accessories etc.

Regardless the reasons, roof leaks are emergencies and should be treated as such. The more a roof leak is ignored, the greater the problems you will have to deal with and pay for – besides repairing the roof, you may need to start repainting and redecorating, call specialists from –all-tables/littleton-roofing-construction/ who can help you get rid of moisture and mold from the walls or even make structural repairs.


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