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A roof is a strong element designed to protect an entire building, but eventually it reaches the end of its life span, just like everything else.

Many building owners choose to ignore their roof and, unless it starts to leak, they will not notice that there is something going on up there requiring repairs or a replacement by a EPDM roofer. However, if you are proactive and keep an eye on your roof through regular inspections and maintenance operations, you will notice the signs and be able to prepare for your roof replacement before it breaks on you.

Here are signs indicating that it is time to plan a roof replacement project:

  • Shingles that look worn out, even after the roof is cleaned
  • Damaged shingles (loose, cracked etc.)
  • Missing shingles on large areas
  • Sagging
  • Interior water damage caused by repeated roof leaks
  • Dark spots on the roof indicating mold and moisture

You can also estimate when it is time for a roof replacement according to the age of the existing roof. Each roofing materials comes with warranties. In general, composition shingles and asphalt shingles are designed to last about 15-20 years, wood shingles up to 30 years, metal roofs and rubber up to 50 years, ceramic tiles up to 75 years and slate roofs up to 100 years and longer.


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