New Rain Gutter Installation

There are two ways to fix gutter problems: you can repair your gutters or you can have a Parker roofing company replace your gutters. Here are a few signs that tell you your gutter pipes are still salvageable with a little attention and costly replacement can be postponed for a while:

  • You see just a few cracks or holes – perform a detailed inspection of your gutters after a thorough clean-up – if the inside of the gutter pipe is healthy, but you find a few small openings, such as tiny holes or thin cracks, you can fix them easily with some good quality sealant. If necessary, apply a piece of flashing over the holes and use the sealant only afterwards;
  • Loose hangers – hangers can easily bend or become loose. Screw the loose hanger back in or drill a new hole in the fascia or in the gutter to make sure the pipe is back to its right place;
  • You get a leak at a seam – the fastening that joins two sections of your gutter can be easily fixed with some sealant;
  • You have minor issues with your copper gutters – copper gutters are the most expensive types, so if the issues you encounter up there are not major ones, you might want to fix them, rather than replace them.
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