EPDM Roofing Cost Effective

Roof replacement is the largest investment that most building owners will be ever faced with, an investment that is both dreaded and eventually inevitable. If you have been wondering why roof replacement is so expensive, here are a few things that might help understand how material prices and labor fees are determined:

  • Material costs – roofing materials, even seemingly simple ones, such as asphalt shingles, are marketed following extensive design and development processes the costs of which are incorporated into the price of the materials. There are modern, complex materials that have been designed to meet special needs and are the results of special development and testing processes, which makes them even more expensive. The rising price of raw materials, such as oil and steel is another thing that has been increasing roofing material prices steadily for decades;
  • The price of labor – good quality, reliable workmanship is expensive because the EPDM roofing Parker professionals who are able to provide good labor have spent years acquiring the necessary knowledge;
  • Insurance prices – reliable roofing contractors are aware of the importance of insurance. As insurance rates have also been rising continuously, when roofers incorporate the related expenses into their rates, the result is also a continuously rising figure.
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