Roofing Contractors Clean Roof Healthy Gutters

The gutters that surround your roof are components that are as essential for the overall health of your roof, including the roof covering material, the flashing installed in sensitive roof areas or the chimneys. Here is how these often forgotten and neglected components will influence the condition of your roofing:

  • The role of the gutters – the pipes made from metal alloy or plastic material are connected to downspouts and they play the role of directing the water that rolls down on the sides of the roof away from the roof, from the walls of the building and from the foundation. The water that reaches into the gutters flows into the downspouts and from there into the ground;
  • Gutter health issues and their effects – the most common gutter faults are clogging, sagging and cracks. Debris, such as dried leaves, twigs, bird feathers and nests tend to accumulate in gutters and form clogs that prevent the efficient drainage of water. Most roofing materials don’t resist well to the prolonged exposure to water, so if the drainage capacity of the gutters is compromised, the roof covering materials, the flashing and the other components of the roof can all become weaker. The most common sign of roofing damage caused by damaged gutters is the appearance of roof leaks.  Have roofing contractors Longmont CO has in the area out twice a year, to clean your roof and make any small repairs.
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