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Winter is the worst time to experience a roof leak, because it takes you out from your seasonal mood and comfort, but… you will have to deal with it – and promptly!

There are a few reasons why you could find yourself in this scenario.

Ice dams

In the cold season, snow on the roof can melt down incompletely due to freeze-thaw cycles and poor attic insulation, forming ice dams at the edges of the roof and keeping moisture on the surface of the roof. This is a phenomenon that causes most roofing leaks in winter. If you want to prevent it, make sure you install a de-icing system before the arrival of cold weather.

Exhaust Vent Condensation

The high levels of moisture that exhaust fans remove from the house reaches the attic. If the attic is unheated, moist air travelling through the vent duct can freeze and then, as it melts, it can sweep through and cause a leak.

Clogged Gutters

Gutters can get clogged with debris or with ice. In both cases, water resulted from winter precipitation will not be drained properly; it will be encouraged to sit on the roof for too long, or leak along the walls. To prevent this problems, inspect your drainage system or see, before the arrival of winter and make sure it is debris-free. As about preventing ice clogging, a de-icing system will be, again, your best ally.



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