Littleton Colorado Snow Roofers Can HelpGenerally, Colorado sees snow from late October to late April, especially in the mountains, which provide a part of the water supply for seven states.

It may look beautiful when everything is covered in a blanket of snow, but you might be quite surprised to discover how much this snow weights on a roof and realize that it is a potential danger, if the roof is not designed and installed to withstand it. Spring snow is usually heavier than winter snow, because it has more moisture.

One cubic foot of snow typically weights 7 pounds if it is fluffy and dry, or up to 20 pounds if it is compacted and wet. As such, a roof with an average surface must be able to bear a considerable weight of snow. This is why roofs in Colorado should always be designed to allow snow to slide down. The pitch of the roof as well as the cover materials have an influence on this (for example, a metal roof is better than a shingle roof for snow to slide off). Building owners must also remove the snow from their roof manually or have Littleton roofers remove the snow, to prevent accumulations that may become too heavy. Alternatively, more and more people opt for de-icing systems that do this automatically.



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