Roof Leak Found Get Help EPDM Roofer

Coming home to find a roof leak in your living room or being surprised by one during a thunderstorm is not the best experience to have, but what to do if it is already happening?


  1. The first step would be containing the leak by placing a waterproof container right underneath, making sure it catches all the water that’s pouring from the ceiling.
  2. You need to make sure that the furniture, carpet and electronics in your home are protected, try covering them in plastic or putting them away from the water splashes.
  3. Try to remove as much water as possible, collecting it with a mope. This step is crucial in order to make sure you are protecting you home from the mold.
  4. Call your insurance agent, make them evaluate the situation and see if any of the damage can be covered by your insurance.
  5. Once you have taken the situation under control and protected your home from further damage, it is time to fix the roof. In order to make sure that it’s done right and the leak never returns you should contact an experienced Lakewood EPDM roofing contractor.


Take into account that the roof damage cannot be fixed while it’s still raining, nevertheless, many roofing companies offer 24 hour services that will help protect your home from further damage until the weather stops and the leak can be fixer from the outside.

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