Top Tips EPDM Roofing Installation Maintenance

EPDM Roofing Tips

Many owners of houses and apartments would like to benefit from the space provided by a flat roof, in order to arrange it for relaxation – a green area that will take them away from the daily hustle and bustle. Flat roofs are ideal for such projects, provided that the waterproofing is efficient, good quality and properly installed by roofing specialists.

EPDM membrane waterproofing projects are complex. They must follow strict implementation standards for the correct execution of the work.

Here are some tips to keep in mind for planning your new EPDM roof installation:

  • Choose a professional roofer, with experience in working with EPDM membranes.
  • Determine the destination of your roof in order to calculate the thermal and waterproofing needs, as well as its resulting height.
  • Make sure that the works will be completed on the same day, to prevent damage to the unfinished structure due to natural factors that may strike during work breaks (night, days off…).
  • Make sure you follow the chronological steps of connecting the waterproofing membrane with various elements of the roof, such as drains, gutters, joints, penetrations etc., as this eliminates the possibility of water infiltration into the substrate.

Once you choose a good Denver EPDM roofing roofer to work with, they will, of course, take care of all the more technical details involved in planning your roof installation.


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