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Colorado Superior Roofing & Exteriors is a family-owned company that has been servicing Longmont and the surrounding communities since 2002. In that time, we have repaired and replaced thousands of commercial and residential roofs. Our skilled
technicians have extensive experience in every roof type used in Longmont, CO including both flat roofs (TPO, EPDM, modified bitumen, and fluid applied roofing Systems) and steep sloped roofs (metal, asphalt shingles, clay tile, synthetic tile) and more.

Our experience, resources, financial stability, and industry credibility make us an industry leader and one of Longmont’s best roofing companies. Here at Colorado Superior Roofing & Exteriors, we are committed to demonstrating integrity in everything we do. Our commitment to hiring only the best roofing crews, staying on top of roofing trends, using only the best materials, and implementing innovative solutions tailored to fit the specific needs of our clients is what sets us apart from other roofing contractors in Longmont.

As our name suggests, we work ONLY in Colorado. We understand how the extra strong UV radiation and temperature extremes in Longmont can affect roofs over time—even if the damage is not immediately apparent. Being a local roofing company also means that we’ll be here when you need us. We don’t storm chase! All of our people live right here close to Longmont. When you hire Colorado Superior Roofing & Exteriors your money stays in your community.

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● Colorado Superior Roofing and Exteriors Awards and Memberships:
● A+ Rating with BBB
● Zero BBB Complaints in last 3 years
● BBB Gold Star Certificate
● Preferred Contractor with Team Dave Logan
● Home Advisor Top Rated and Elite Service Professional
● Atlas Pro+ Gold Level Contractor
● GAF Master Elite Contractor
● Owens Corning Preferred Contractor
● Longmont Chamber of Commerce
● Colorado Roofing Association

The job has been completed for over 6 months and they still check in to make sure everything is ok and if I need anything looked at. As a very picky customer I have to say I couldn’t be happier with the job they did. Highly recommend CSR if you need the job done quickly and done correctly the first time. –

R.C., Longmont CO

Longmont Roofing Contractors Specializing in Roof Repair and Replacement

Hail Damage Insurance Claims

We do a lot of non-insurance work too, but where we can really provide our clients with extra value is in dealing with roof insurance claims. You never want to file a roof insurance claim for hail damage if you don’t actually have damage. After a storm, call us first! We will send someone out promptly (usually within 24 hours) to perform a thorough and FREE roof inspection. If we find that your roof was damaged by hail, wind, or any other insurable cause, we will relay that information to you, and the decision on whether to file a claim will rest solely with you.

At Colorado Superior Roofing & Exteriors, our Longmont roofers and roofing project managers have assisted thousands of residential and commercial building owners with their roof and exterior damage insurance claims. We even have former insurance adjusters on staff who can handle the entire process for you at no extra charge! Whether your roof was damaged in a hailstorm, a windstorm, or some other way that necessitates the filing of a roof insurance claim, the pros at CSR are the people to call.

Wind Damage Insurance Claims

In Longmont, we get STRONG winds! Every Spring, we get lots of calls about missing shingles and other issues related to windstorms and wind-damaged roofs. Significant wind causes asphalt shingles to blow off, which can lead to water getting underneath the other shingles and down into the decking. If this happens, it could lead to rotted decking and water leaks into your home. Other roof wind damage may not be easy to see, especially if the adhesive seal that provides a water-shedding surface is broken. If you notice shingles missing after a storm, give us a call, it’s always easier and cheaper to fix the problem right away while it is still small.

Colorado Superior Roofing is a wonderful company to work with. All of our condo units had extensive roof and gutter damage during the hail storm of 2018. Andrew has extensive knowledge working with insurance companies and worked directly with our agent. The crews were always on time and got the work completed quickly. Excellent customer service and customer satisfaction!

Emily R. Longmont, CO

Complete and Professional Longmont Roofers Company

Complete Exteriors Company. At CSR we’re not just great roofers. We also do gutters, windows, siding, and painting. That means that we can handle your entire storm damage claim. So, there’s no need for you to manage several different exterior contractors when you get hail damage from a storm. We even have former insurance adjusters on staff so we can deal directly with your insurance company to make sure all of your damages are covered, and you get the top-quality home repairs that you are entitled to.

At CSR, we always try to do right by our customers. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing top-quality roofing products and excellent customer service. We do what other Longmont roofers don’t—guarantee our roof repairs. Why pay for your roof leak to be repaired unless you are comfortable that it was done right?

That’s also why we provide industry leading roof warranties on both our residential roofs and commercial roofing projects. When we put a new roof on a home or business, like you, we expect it to last. We wouldn’t be comfortable, and it wouldn’t make business sense for us to give the long warranties that we do if we didn’t use the best products and the best roofing crews.

Todd Meyer (our project manager) was extremely helpful, professional, responsive and fast acting. He supported us throughout the entire process and had our back the entire time. The crew sent out was kind, professional, fast and very clean. Todd was onsite as well during the job. ***USE Colorado Superior! They are “the best!”

Candice A., Longmont, CO

8 Signs You May Be Dealing With A Shady Roofing Contractor:

Let’s be honest, the construction industry and the roofing industry, in particular, doesn’t have the best reputation. It seems like every time we get a hailstorm, there are stories on 9News about shady roofing contractors. There are plenty of honest and diligent companies out there, but it pays to be careful.

1. Not Providing Roofing Product Names

One sign you might be dealing with a roofing company that lacks integrity is when you receive a quote with no product names. With roof products such as shingles, there are many options to choose from, and they are not all the same quality. Don’t leave it up to the contractor to choose!

At Colorado Superior Roofing & Exteriors we use many different shingle brands depending on customer preference and budget. But, because every new roof we install comes with a warranty that is a minimum of 10 years, we won’t put an inferior shingle on your property. Our standard shingle is the Atlas Pinnacle shingle. We chose this shingle because independent tests have shown that it stands up better to the sun’s strong UV rays and frequent hail than other shingles.

2. The Same-Day Price

This is perhaps the one that irritates us the most. If a contractor offers you a price that’s only good for “today” or makes similar high pressure offers, you should RUN!

This is a complete gimmick. Roofing industry prices do not fluctuate by thousands of dollars on a daily basis in Longmont or anywhere else! The only reason a roofing company would use this tactic is they want to get you signed before you realize you are being taken advantage of. Any reputable roofer will make the quote good for at least a couple of weeks and usually a month.

3. Zero or Very Few Online Reviews

These days online reviews are everything- not just in the roofing world- but for all businesses. So, if a local roofing company has only 1 or 2 reviews it either means they are brand new to the market, or they’re trying to avoid having customers leave reviews about their company.

4. Out of State Contractors

In the Longmont market and throughout Colorado, when a hailstorm causes damage to homes in the area, out-of-state roofing contractors come pouring in. Unfortunately, many of these out of town roofing companies are poorly run and have the tendency to leave roofs and homeowners in a state of disarray because they have no infrastructure or support staff in Longmont.

If you choose to work with an out-of-state roofing contractor you need to understand that in the case of a monetary dispute or major workmanship issue, you are now in the difficult situation of trying to sue an out-of -state contractor. Even if you don’t have a dispute, how reliable is a warranty from a company that does not regularly do business in Colorado?

Therefore, no matter which roofing company you use, it’s crucial to make sure you have properly vetted them and their work history. Google is a useful tool, as is the BBB, the Colorado Secretary of State and organizations like Team Dave Logan.

5. No Repair Service

Contractors who don’t do repairs or offer repairs as an option have no business proposing full roof replacements. Roofing companies who only offer full roof replacements are solely focused on selling large-ticket jobs that yield high profits.

Consequently, even though your home may only need minor repairs, a roofing company that doesn’t do repairs is much more likely to suggest that your home needs a full roof replacement.

Before you have a company come out to look at your roof, make sure they are willing to do repairs (instead of a full roof replacement) if the situation calls for it. At CSR we have a large repair department and we actually guarantee our repairs, unlike many other Longmont roofing companies.

6. Playing Insurance Games

In Colorado it is illegal for a roofing contractor to offer to pay your insurance deductible. So if a roofing contractor tells you that you don’t have to pay a deductible in an insurance claim – something’s up. Playing around with insurance deductibles to look good in the eyes of unsuspecting customers is FRAUD. And if you hire a company that does this, you’ve committed insurance fraud. There’s no way to sugarcoat that.

Even if you don’t get “caught” by the insurance company, you have to understand that a roofing company that is willing to do that is likely to make that money up in other areas like using cheaper materials or not doing a thorough job.

7. Lack of Warranty

A roofer should always be willing to warranty their work, even a minor repair. If a company is not willing to do that, they are likely not a reputable company. At CSR we offer warranties that are far longer than industry norms.

8. No BBB Accreditation

Most reputable Longmont roofing contractors are BBB accredited. If a business is BBB accredited the consumer has many extra protections that are not available with unaccredited contractors. Lack of BBB accreditation is often a sign that a company is not a local roofing company but rather someone from out of state.

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