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Colorado Superior Roofing is your go-to Denver roofing contractor for any residential or commercial roofing needs.  Our team of expert roofers is ready to deliver success on any project, from routine maintenance to complete roof replacements.  We’ve been doing this for over 2 decades.  We have an A+ rating with the BBB and are Members of Team Dave Logan and the Colorado Roofing Association. 

Exceptional Service from Start to Finish

At Colorado Superior Roofing, we understand that our customers are looking for a Denver roofing contractor who will stand by them until the job is done. 

Contractors Replacing hail Damaged Roof in Denver Colorado

We place a strong focus on service and professionalism, and our customers see that in the results of every job we handle. From the very beginning, you’ll be greeted with friendly, professional service focused on fulfilling all of your roofing needs. We provide free, no-obligation inspections for any roofing repairs or replacements so that you can know what to expect from the start. CSR provides exceptional communication throughout the process so that you always know the status of your roofing project. Our Denver roofers work to deliver results without any unreasonable upsets to your home or business, completing jobs competently and quickly.

Hail Damage Roof Replacement Colorado Superior Roofing Contractors Working on Roof

Hail Damage Repairs

At CSR we are hail damage experts.  That includes dealing with hail damage insurance claims.  We even have former insurance adjusters on staff to make sure all of your damage gets covered and that your claim goes as smoothly as possible.  CSR is also a complete exteriors company.  That means we can handle your entire hail claim including roof, gutters, siding, painting, and windows.   We are one of the best Denver roofing contractors when it comes to hail and storm damage insurance claims.  We provide our services throughout the Denver Metro Area, with locations in Denver, Colorado Springs, Longmont, Littleton, Parker. No matter where you’re located around Denver, reach out today for a rapid response to any of your roofing needs.

Dedicated Service for Storm Repairs

Storm damage can strike anytime, leaving you in urgent need of reliable roof repair for your home or business. This stressful situation can be difficult to navigate — trying to juggle both repairs and insurance. Working with Colorado Superior Roofing can simplify everything with quality repairs and the support you need.

We are the premier Denver roofer for storm damage repairs.  Whether you’re dealing with a few missing shingles or a tree limb through your roof, we have the tools and experience to provide long-lasting repairs at an affordable cost. Dealing with major roof damage right now? Reach out to this Denver roofing contractor right away to secure your home or business.  Our technicians can quickly secure the site to prevent water infiltration, pests, and other causes from further damaging your roof.

We can provide you with a free, no-obligation assessment after any storm to let you know what your options are. Our expert roofers will judge the current condition of your roof so that you can make an informed decision about repairs or replacements.

Denver Residential & Commercial Roofers 

Colorado Superior Roofing & Construction has been serving Denver and the larger Colorado construction industry for over 20 years. In that time, we have repaired, replaced, and maintained thousands of residential and commercial roofs. Our skilled technicians have extensive experience in every commercial roof type used in Denver and throughout Colorado. That includes steep-sloped roofs (metal, asphalt shingles, tile roofs), flat roofs (TPO, EPDM, modified bitumen, fluid applied roofing systems), and more!

Hail damaged roof replacement in progress

At CSR, our experience, financial stability, and industry credibility make us a leader in the Colorado construction community and one of Denver’s top commercial roofing companies. We have worked on every type of commercial roof in the Denver area, and we’re committed to demonstrating integrity in everything we do. Our Denver commercial roofing crews have extensive experience and continuous training on safety issues as well as emerging roofing trends, materials, and techniques. We pride ourselves on finding innovative solutions tailored to fit each clients’ unique needs. It’s never a “one size fits all” approach, and that’s what sets us apart from a lot of other Denver commercial roofing companies.

“I could not be more pleased by the job done by Colorado Superior Roofing. I look forward to working with them for years to come.”

—Forrest Dykstra, Highlands Ranch Metro District

Local Denver Roofing Contractor

As you might have guessed from our name, we work ONLY in Colorado. So, we have a thorough understanding of what Denver’s extra strong UV radiation and temperature extremes can do to commercial roofs over time, even if the damage is not readily apparent to the naked eye. Being a local Denver area roofing company means that we’ll be around when you need us. We don’t storm chase! All our office staff, project managers, and crews live right here in Colorado. When you hire Colorado Superior Roofing & Construction, your money stays in the Denver community! Check out our commercial roofing portfolio to see some of our recent projects.

Hail on a Denver Roof Residential Roofing Hailstorm Inspection

Colorado Superior Roofing and Exteriors Awards and Memberships:

  • A+ Rating with BBB
  • Zero BBB Complaints in last five years
  • BBB Gold Star Certificate
  • Apartment Association of Metro Denver
  • BOMA
  • CAI
  • Preferred Contractor with Team Dave Logan
  • Gaco Certified Contractor
  • Atlas Pro+ Gold Level Contractor
  • GAF Master Elite Contractor
  • Owens Corning Preferred Contractor
  • Colorado Roofing Association
  • Construction Industry Networking Group (CING)

Denver’s Premier Commercial Roofing Repair and Replacement Contractors

Commercial Hail Damage Insurance Experts

Many Denver roofing companies say they are “insurance experts” or they “specialize” in hail damage, and perhaps they can handle some claims. But commercial roof insurance claims are a whole different animal. It is often a long, drawn-out process with the insurance companies hoping that you eventually give up and take what they give you. At CSR, we are highly professional but firm in our approach to insurance companies. Our goal is to get you everything you’re entitled to when you have a hail damage commercial roof claim. That’s why you pay premiums, right?

At Colorado Superior Roofing & Construction, all our project managers have extensive commercial insurance experience, and we even have former insurance adjusters on staff to help with your claim. So, after a storm, call us first! Our initial inspections are always FREE. We will send someone out promptly (usually within 24 hours) to perform a thorough roof inspection. If we find that your roof was damaged by hail, wind, or any other insurable cause, we will relay that information to you, and the decision on whether to file a claim will rest solely with you.

Our Denver Commercial roofing crews and roof project managers have assisted hundreds of commercial building owners with their roof and exterior damage insurance claims. If your commercial roof was damaged by hail, wind, or any other insurable cause, the pros at CSR are the people to call.

“I was unhappy with our current roofing contractor but we had some leakage into our hotel and I needed it fixed. We called Colorado Superior Roofing and Andrew showed up the next day, identified the problem, gave us a cost and the problem was resolved within a week. Truly Superior customer service!”
—Tom Rice

Complete and Professional Denver Commercial Roofers

At CSR, we’re more than just exceptional commercial roofers. We also do gutters, siding, painting, and windows. We have the expertise to manage all of the exterior storm damage to your building. So, there’s no need to deal with the hassle of managing several different contractors when faced with hail damage or wind damage from a storm. Our staff, which includes former insurance adjusters, will work directly with your insurance company to handle everything. We’ll make sure that your commercial insurance claim and your repairs are as quick and hassle-free as possible.

At CSR, we focus on meeting our customer’s specific needs. That’s why, in addition to providing top-quality commercial roofing products and excellent customer service, we always try to apply creative and innovative solutions to problems.

New Roof Replaced TPO Commercial Project

Commercial Roof Repair Experts

One area in which CSR has always excelled is in delivering fast, cost-effective commercial roof repairs that are done right the first time! That’s why we do what few other Denver commercial roofing companies do, and we guarantee/warrant our commercial roof repairs. Why would you pay for your commercial roof leak to be repaired unless you are comfortable that it was done right?

That’s also why we provide industry-leading roof warranties on our commercial roofs and commercial roofing projects. When we put a new roof on a business, warehouse, apartment building, or church, we build it to last. We wouldn’t tolerate anything less. Considering the industry-leading warranties we provide, it’s in our best interest to use only the best products
and the top roofing crews.

Denver Commercial Roof Options

In Denver, there are many commercial roofing options available. As a commercial roofing contractor, people always ask us things like: What’s the best roofing material for flat roofs? What type of commercial roof lasts the longest? What flat roof system is the most cost-effective? If there was a simple answer to those questions, there wouldn’t be so many options! They each have their own benefits in different situations, as we will discuss below.

Any and All Denver Roof Installations

There are many different types of roofs out there that could be right for your home or business, and Colorado Superior Roofing offers most of them. When it’s time for your next Denver roof installation, you can speak with our knowledgeable team about finding the best option to suit your unique needs.

Which Type of Roofing Is Right for You?

The expert roofers at Colorado Superior Roofing have extensive experience with all roofing types. Not only that, but we have developed the necessary knowledge needed to determine which roofing is best for your individual needs. We can discuss all of your options and find the perfect choice for your roof. You can reach out today to start discussing your options and to get a quote on your next Denver roof installation.

Commercial Pitched / Sloped Roofs

Pitched Roofs

The great majority of residential roofs and many commercial roofs are sloped roofs, so of course, our roofers have extensive experience handling them. We install metal roofs, asphalt shingles, and tile roofs, each with a wide range of options and styles available.

Our high-quality metal roofing could be just what you need for your home or business. It’s incredibly durable, available in various colors and styles, and can even improve your energy efficiency. Also, metal roofing lasts an average of three times longer than asphalt shingles. Of course, asphalt shingles are still the most widespread option for residential roofing, and this Denver roofing contractor can provide you with the widest range of options. High-quality asphalt shingles can provide reliable protection for just about any shape of roof out there.

For a distinct look, we also offer tile roofing, including clay, concrete, synthetic, or metal tiles. You can choose the familiar red Spanish tile you’ve seen around Denver or something entirely new. Stylish and resilient, Spanish tile could be the right choice for your next Denver roof installation.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs have long been a great option for companies that want to enhance the look of their building and have a durable product that reduces costs and maintenance. Metal roofs provide many advantages. They are fire-resistant, which can save you money on insurance costs in addition to the safety aspects. A metal roof also offers great energy efficiency that can reduce your heating and cooling costs. Metal roofing is quite durable as well. It typically lasts about three times as long as regular asphalt shingles. Another feature that is especially important in Denver is that metal roofs are highly resistant to hail damage. There are multiple types of metal roofs, but the most common type you’ll see in Denver is the standing seam metal roof.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most common roof type for pitched (i.e., sloped roofs). These are what you see when you drive by most houses or apartment complexes. Shingles are highly versatile and can be cut to fit almost any shaped roof. They also come in a large variety of designs and colors. In addition, they are among your least expensive options, and unless they get damaged by hail, they will usually last 15-20 years in Denver.

Tile Roofs

Tile roofs come in many different forms. There is clay tile, concrete tile, synthetic tile, metal tile, and more. The one you see most often in the Denver area is clay tile, known as Spanish tile. It’s often red, though it comes in a multitude of colors. Tile roofs are like metal roofs in that they are chosen mainly for the aesthetic look they bring. Also, they both cost quite a lot more than asphalt shingles, but they last a lot longer and are much more resistant to hail and wind damage. One very important note about most types of tile, they are heavy. So, if you are going to go from a lighter roof like metal, asphalt shingles, or wood shake to tile, you will need to have an engineer’s report done to make sure your roof structure can handle that extra weight.

“Working with Colorado Superior Roofing was an extremely positive experience from beginning to end. I highly recommend them”

—Glenn Mclain Jr., Superintendent of Schools

Flat Roofs

Offices, shops, warehouses, and commercial buildings of all kinds use reliable and durable commercial flat roofing. Our roofers are highly experienced with the many types of flat roofing on the market today, and we stick with high-quality materials and tools to ensure that your Denver roof installation delivers the best possible results.

Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roofing systems are incredibly durable and are also fast to install. The material stands up to both chemical corrosion and ultraviolet deterioration. We recommend white TPO to maximize your energy savings. Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EDPM) is an incredibly widespread type of flat roofing that is similar to TPO. With an expected lifespan of around 20 years, EDPM is a very economical option for commercial roof installation.

We also install single, double, and multi-ply options for modified bitumen roofing. This asphalt-based roofing is highly affordable and durable under all weather conditions. It’s also easily repairable to make dealing with any future issues straightforward. You can also choose polyvinyl chloride (PVC) flat roofing for your commercial roof. It’s another type of roll roofing material that is incredibly resistant to physical damage. The low maintenance requirements make it another potential option.

Depending on the condition of your roof, fluid-applied roofing systems can deliver years of additional life. These roof coatings can add decades to the life of an existing roof, avoiding the costly tear-down phase of your roof replacement.

TPO Roofing System

A TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) roof system is like EPDM in that it comes in large rolls and is attached to the roof as either fully adhered or mechanically fastened. TPO is made of durable, high-quality plastic material, which is naturally resistant to chemical damage and weakening due to ultraviolet exposure. Also, like EPDM, TPO roofing membranes are 100% recyclable and can qualify your building for Energy Tax Credits.

TPO is typically installed in white color. So, it is highly reflective and is more likely to qualify under the Denver “cool” roof ordinance than EPDM.  It’s also a little easier to maintain than EPDM. The warranty and life expectancy for both products are very similar.

EPDM Roofing System

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber roofing has consistently been a top choice for commercial flat roofs in Denver. It comes in large rolls, much like carpeting, and is rolled onto a flat roof. The material is essentially recycled tires. It’s attached to the roof by either gluing it down (fully adhered) or screwing it down with small metal plates (mechanically fastened).

EPDM is durable, waterproof, and typically lasts for about 20 years. The black rubber single-ply membrane is designed to absorb sunlight. During the winter, it effectively melts snow and keeps it from causing leaks. EPDM also reduces heating costs in the cold Denver winters, thanks to its heat-absorbing properties. Although normally installed in a black color, it can now be installed in a variety of colors.

Since EPDM rubber roofing is made from recyclable materials, it can also qualify your building for Energy Tax Credits. With its superior elasticity and other properties, it’s an especially good fit for restaurants and any high-traffic roofs.

Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified bitumen is an asphalt-based roofing material, available in single, double, or multi-ply layer options. For flat roofs, it is a cheaper alternative than TPO, EPDM, or PVC.  Mod bit is often used on high-traffic rooftops that need a durable system at a low cost. It has good waterproofing characteristics and will not become brittle in cold weather or shift in hot weather. The life cycle is not as long as some of the other flat roof materials mentioned here. Mod bit is also more susceptible to hail damage than the other commercial roofing options mentioned above.

Fluid Applied Roofing Systems

Fluid applied systems (or roof coatings) have become extremely popular for flat roofs in Denver in the past decade. The four primary types of coatings are epoxy, acrylic, asphaltic emulsion, and silicon. But it’s the recent advances in the silicon coating systems such as Gaco and the increased warranty levels that have made them the go-to alternative to a full roof replacement.

A fluid-applied silicon roof cures into a finished product that is much like TPO. It is both highly elastic and reflective. You can install it right on top of an existing roof, such as a TPO or EPDM, and you can get the same 20-year warranty you’d get for TPO or EPDM.  Coatings also allow you to avoid the messy, noisy, and expensive tear-off of the old system. Since a coating is considered maintenance rather than a new system, you can also avoid the requirement of bringing the building up to code. This is especially important in Denver and other cities that have passed “green roof” or “cool roof” ordinances.

Fluid applied coatings are not just limited to low slope roofs. They can be applied to virtually any roofing system, including standing seam metal.

PVC Flat Roofing

A PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) commercial roofing system is another thermoplastic roof like TPO. And just like EPDM and TPO, it comes in rolls and is adhered to the roof in the same way.  It features durable seams which are incredibly resistant to punctures, oils, and other damaging elements. PVC typically has low maintenance costs and extreme durability, so it is quite popular in many areas of the country.

However, PVC tends to be a little more rigid than TPO or EPDM. For that reason, some commercial roofers do not believe it is as good of a fit for Denver’s extreme temperature changes.

Commercial Roof Warranties

After the installation of a new roof, most Denver commercial roofing contractors will give you a workmanship warranty to guard against any defects in the installation of the roof. These will often range from 3 to 10 years. At CSR, we give ten-year or lifetime workmanship warranties depending on the material and other job specifics. In addition, you will get a material warranty from the manufacturer for the roofing product itself. These warranties can be for up to 20 years.

Commercial Roof Preservation

As mentioned above, most commercial roof warranties can extend up to 20 years. However, many of them require annual roof maintenance to keep the warranty valid. Also, some issues, such as damage caused by HVAC contractors, storms, or wild animals, won’t be covered by the warranty. To maintain a commercial flat roof and extend its life, you will need to do some simple things such as an annual cleaning, removal of debris, and inspections following severe storms or HVAC work.

With decades of commercial roofing experience, the experts at Colorado Superior Roofing & Construction are your source for any new commercial roof installation or repair. Feel free to give us a call if you’d like a free inspection or analysis.

Denver Commercial Roof Maintenance Programs

The purpose of a good commercial roof maintenance checklist is to make sure that your flat roof doesn’t suffer the same fate as most of the others in Denver. A surprising majority of commercial flat roofs in Colorado, over 80%, wind up being replaced early due to neglect and failure to maintain and extend the life of the roof system. New commercial flat roofs in Denver usually cost thousands of dollars more than what repairs, maintenance, and/or roof restoration would.

Commercial roof maintenance programs are fairly inexpensive, tax-deductible, and typically cost less than one percent per year of estimated total replacement costs. Compared to replacing your roof every 15-20 years, a commercial flat roof maintenance program can save you up to 50% over the life of a 30-year roof.

Most top-tier Denver commercial roofing companies offer maintenance programs, but you don’t necessarily need to hire a commercial roof contractor to perform this work. If you are a building owner or a property management company with an onsite maintenance person, he or she can often perform these functions.

“Colorado Superior Roofing was Highly Dependable and Efficient”
—Brent Traver, ARCO/Murray

Roof Repair Denver

Over the lifetime of your roof, you can expect some damage to take place. With the right roof repairs, you can stop that damage from spreading and becoming worse. Whenever you notice any signs of damage, reach out to Colorado Superior Roofing for your free roof inspection right away.

Our experienced roofers will determine what’s behind the issues you’re dealing with. Whether you’re missing shingles or noticed leaks, we provide high-quality repairs that address the root cause of the problem. Just like our installation services, we handle repairs for every type of roofing out there. Residential or commercial, pitched or flat, we can resolve the issues you’re having with your roof.

If you’re dealing with routine wear and tear or sudden storm damage, you can count on the professionals at Colorado Superior Roofing to be with you quickly. We’ll assess the condition of your roof and let you know what all of your options are.

Once we start repairing your roof, we’ll work quickly and cleanly to deliver fast results without any mess left behind. We work with high-quality materials that provide roof repair Denver residents know they can count on to protect their homes.

“Our company has been working with Colorado Superior Roofing for about 3 years. An A+ reliable local business of the highest integrity. Highly recommend you use them for any commercial or residential projects.”
—Kenny Marks

Denver Roof Replacement

While professional roof repair and maintenance can help extend the lifetime of your roof, every roof needs a replacement eventually. By working with Colorado Superior Roofing, you can ensure that you have access to the widest possible range of roof replacement options.

Whether it’s time for a change or you’d like to stick with what you already know works, our full range of roofing options has something for you. We install various roofing types that can suit your individual style, needs, and budget. When you’re having trouble with your roof, our expert roofers can determine whether repairs or a replacement would be the better option for you at this time. We’ll lay out all of your options so you can make sure that you’re getting what you actually need for your roof.

Our roof replacements are expertly installed to provide you with decades of protection for your home. Don’t take the risk of leaving a major project to amateurs. Instead, go with the professionals at Colorado Superior Roofing.

“It has been a pleasure doing business with Colorado Superior Roofing. Our companies have worked together for a few years now, and we have found them to be consistently reliable, honest, and all around great people. We work directly with the owner of CSR and get to see firsthand how their business is run. It’s apparent that they are the very best at what they do.”
—Stephanie Betthauser

10 Checklist Items For Your Commercial Flat Roof

Below is our recommended Denver Commercial Flat Roof Maintenance Checklist to help ensure that you don’t overlook any of the elements of your roof that require inspection. Your completed checklist can likewise serve as proof of proper maintenance should you need to submit an insurance or warranty claim for your flat roof.

Here are the steps we recommend taking to get the most value and the least trouble from your flat roof system in Colorado. This is a quarterly checklist. If everything is fine on your roof, this checklist really won’t take more than an hour or two, depending on the size of your roof.

1. Interior Signs of Roof Leaks

Examine your building’s interior for signs of water damage such as mold and mildew, water stains, and peeling paint. This will alert you to look for possible entry points for water on the roof above. But please note that water can travel sideways through building downpipes or framing. The causes of the damage may not be directly above the ceiling damage.

2. Dirt & Debris on Roof Surface

Check for dirt and debris on the roof surface. This can clog drains and cause roofing surfaces to rot or decay prematurely. Check for fallen tree limbs that can damage flat roof membranes and have tree maintenance scheduled regularly as well. It is a good idea to power wash the roof at least once per year. This will not only prolong roof life but will also increase the reflectivity of the roof (depending on the system you have) and save on energy costs.

3. Sagging or Damaged Membranes

Check the surface area or field of the roof, especially for low spots with standing water on flat roofs. Denver commercial roofing contractors see firsthand that roofs at altitudes are susceptible to extreme damages. Sun and drastic temperature changes can cause weathering, blistering, and cracking on flat roofs. During your inspection, also look for abrasions or deep scratches and tears or holes in the membrane. Although we don’t see this on Denver commercial roofs very often, it is not unheard of to find fungus or moss growing where water has been allowed to collect and stagnate over time. If you find any on your roof, be sure to remove it and allow that area to thoroughly dry out.

4. Expansion Joints

Of all flat roof components, the expansion joints are where leaks most often occur. This is especially true for Denver flat roofs because of the strong UV radiation and the temperature extremes they endure. So be sure to inspect them thoroughly for cuts, gaps, and tears. If any such damage is found, be sure to seal the area with a high-quality sealant.

5. Flashings & Caulking

Inspect the flashings, roof edges, terminations, and control joints. If you have flashings installed, make sure they are not pulling away from the roof or leaving gaps, as this may indicate the presence of leaks or serious damage to your commercial flat roof membrane. Check all caulking around penetrations to make sure it is not drying out.

6. Roof Drainage

Inspect all drains, scuppers, and gutters, for debris or backed-up water. Also, look for debris, watermarks, and mold, all of which lead to clogged drains. Pay immediate attention to deteriorated or damaged flashings and seals.

7. Exterior Structural Components

List chimneys, vents, pipes, skylights, and equipment separately on your commercial roof checklist. Look for signs of aging such as peeling paint, rust, rot, and moss or fungus, as well as structural damage like bent elements, missing parts, and sagging pipes.

8. Pipe and Equipment Support

Check that there are no sagging pipes or cracks in the base of the support. Nor should there be any deflected hangers or supports digging into the flat roof membrane. These are signs of failing supports and will require replacement/repair soon from a qualified Denver commercial roofing contractor.

9. Transport Elements

Stairs, crossovers, platforms, and railings must be checked for structural soundness, loose parts, and surface deterioration. Damaged paint and missing or damaged elements such as rail posts and threads can cause an unsafe environment for flat roof repair contractors.

10. Document all Repairs

Each repair must be listed separately on your roof maintenance checklist so all future inspectors know what to look for.

Use your checklist to create a system to prioritize issues. A standard school grading system of A-F or even a good, fair, poor rating system is effective. For example, give a “good” rating to elements that need no attention beyond routine inspection. “Fair” elements will show some wear and may be scheduled for maintenance and/or inspection or can be marked for future replacement. Items in “poor” condition require immediate attention. The important thing is to have a written system in place. This ensures future employees or any commercial roof contractors you hire can understand what has been done and where things stand.

Decide ahead of time which issues to handle in-house and which you need to have addressed by a commercial roofing professional. Keep in mind that your checklist is an invaluable tool for the proper maintenance of your commercial roof. Understanding roofing costs can be difficult. When you know what to look for and are armed with the right questions, it is much easier to make the right choice. Many of these decisions will save you time and money in the end.

“What a wonderful experience we had with Colorado Superior Roofing. Pete and the team were great to work with and extremely professional.”

—Robin Linker, Aurora, CO

Get Your Free Roof Inspection

Not sure whether you might need roof repairs or a roof replacement? You can take advantage of our free, no-obligation inspections to find out for sure. Our roofers will carefully inspect every aspect of your roof to make sure that no damage goes undiscovered.

Identifying damage as soon as possible reduces the overall need for repairs and replacements. Leaks, missing shingles, and other types of damage only worsen over time. With a free inspection from Colorado Superior Roofing, you can take a proactive approach to maintaining your roof.


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