Commercial Flat Roof

Does Your Commercial Roof Need Repair or Replacement?

Whether your commercial roof needs repair or replacement, it is essential to know how to avoid certain scams, or you risk wasting money and precious time. Among the most frequently encountered roofing scams we could mention:

  1. Insurance fraud: in case you come across roofers who offer to handle their own insurance claim, while also covering for your deductible, it is best to remain skeptical about it. Homeowners should have access to the insurance claim and know about how much is approved.
  2. Asking to be paid fully from the very beginning. This is not how real, trustworthy commercial roofers operate. Although some contractors may ask for a part of the money to be paid upfront so that they can cover for cost of materials, etc., the full amount of money should only be paid after the work is complete.
  3. Another potential scam is when the contractor goes up on your roof before you even have agreed to hire him and claim that there is a damage that needs immediate attention.
  4. Taking advantage of people who are worried that their roof was affected by a severe storm.
  5. Overcharging for their so-called urgent services or expensive materials. To avoid this scam you should look for a commercial Parker EPDM roofer expert who offers affordable solutions.
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