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Roofing Contractors

Most professional roofing contractors offer roofing estimates for free, in their attempt to prove their customer-oriented policy and attract new customers. These estimates are typically available for both residential and commercial roofs. They may look similar, but are not the same, considering that roofs are not the same and each project has its own particularities

Just make sure any estimate you get contains all of the important information that will be included in the contract too.

Project Time Frame

Any roofer should determine exactly when they can begin to work on your roof and how long the project will take. The time frame and deadlines must be respected, otherwise clients are entitled to ask compensation. Besides, it is always common sense to know exactly how long is going to take until you have the results of the services you are paying for.

Labor and Materials

A roofing estimate must also include the cost of the materials and accessories used, as well as the costs related to workmanship.

Although there must be no surprise cost, added in the last minute, as a client, you should know what is the worst-case scenario price.

Warranty Information

Whether we are talking about roof repairs, maintenance operations or a total roof replacement, you are entitled to get warranties. Make sure they are detailed in the estimate you get.

Building Permits

Roofing requires building permits based on local construction code regulations that must be obtained prior of the beginning of the works.

Terms of Payment

The roofing estimate must include detailed information on the costs of the Lakewood EPDM roofing project and payment options.

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