Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding was first introduced in the 1950s, and considered a viable and affordable alternative to aluminum siding. While its early years were fraught with allegations of low resilience and durability, newer vinyl products were designed to withstand the test of the elements more efficiently. Today, it’s one of the most widespread and popular materials used to manufacture siding.  Colorado Superior a top Parker roofing company with experience using this product and knows it’s value.

Residential Homes in Castle Rock Colorado

Mid-grade vinyl siding requires about $1.60 per square foot to install – a price considered to be among the best on the entire market. When compared to cedar or fiber-cement siding, the overall installation cost is much more accessible, and most vinyl products are also much easier to install, taking less time.


Another great thing about vinyl is its remarkably low maintenance requirements. Compared to any other product on the market, vinyl needs far less care, and you don’t have to paint it. Also, newer virgin vinyl products are manufactured using larger quantities of the additives that promote greater flexibility and resistance to UV radiation.


When it comes to resilience in the face of strong winds and storms, vinyl is also known to withstand a lot of what Mother Nature has in store. Some products are known to withstand wind speeds of over 180 mph. Finally, if you’re considering a residing job, vinyl will be one of the best materials you can think of using.

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