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Colorado Commercial Roof Inspection


Need to Have A Commercial Roof Inspection done to Check for Roof Damage? Shortly, yes, any building needs to be inspected regularly, for roof damage. The reason is related to the safety of the building in general and of people working there or simply being in there for different reasons.

A commercial roof inspection should be done by a qualified roofer, trained to examine flat roofs, evaluate them according to local building codes and requirements and collecting information related to fire safety, indoor air quality, the overall condition of the roof and its estimated lifespan etc.

Additionally, the Denver commercial roofing contractors also perform a roof survey, which is an in-depth assessment conducted to take samples and make measurements in order to identify different types of damage to the roof cover, insulation and structure. The information typically collected by the roofer performing a commercial roof survey are related to membrane, deck, insulation, flashing, edges, drains, gutters, standing water, wall surfaces and more.

There may also be an infrared moisture survey included, which can detect water infiltrations as well as the quality of the insulation.

Once the commercial roof inspection is complete, you will get a written report from the roofer, including technical specifications, observations and recommendations.

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