Checklist For Summer Outdoor MaintenanceRoofing Company Checklist For Summer Commercial Roofing Maintenance

The roof, just like the entire building, must be maintained and cared for permanently, to avoid costly repairs in the future. Usually, summer is the perfect season for small commercial roof maintenance operations, to ensure the integrity and performance of the roof under specific weather conditions, such as strong UV rays and summer storms.

Dirt accumulated on the roof should be cleaned, as it can be the perfect environment for moisture and mold formation. Dirt can be in the form of dust, mud or vegetable debris that can block gutters and downspouts and cause water leaks. At the same time, dirt can maintain a humid environment on the roof, which leads to a faster degradation of the roof membrane.

Dirt must be swept away from a flat commercial roof; in some cases, those in charge with roof maintenance can also use a mild, non-abrasive and eco-friendly cleaning solution and then rinse the roof with a low-pressure power washer.

The membrane seals must also be checked carefully, in order to identify potential vulnerable spots, where water can get in and start its damaging action. Tree branches that might hang over the roof must be removed, to avoid them falling and breaking the roof.

Any problem identified during the summer roof maintenance must be addressed immediately and repaired by commercial roofing contractors with experience.

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