Spring Cleaning Is Not Just For Inside Your Home

Exterior Cleaning Tips

When considering spring cleaning, most homeowners only think about cleaning inside. Even though it’s important to make sure the carpets and floors are clean, and that all the clutter is eliminated from your bedrooms, exterior cleaning is equally essential, both for curb appeal and to keep your lawn, garden and trees healthy.


Before focusing on anything else, make sure you clear up all the dried up leaves, grass blades and broken branches that are lying around the garden. Composting them isn’t always a good idea, especially if your grass is infested by pests. Any pests, such as unwanted insects and rodents, should also be dealt with humanely and as soon as possible.


Pressure washing is a good idea if you have concrete or vinyl siding as well as stone pathways that have to be washed thoroughly. Once spring comes, you can save a lot of time by simply using a reliable pressure washer to eliminate debris, dust and mold.  You should have a Parker roofer out to clean your roof, and inspect it for any winter damage.


Finally, make sure you wash your doors and windows thoroughly. Any people passing by your house or visiting you will easily be able to notice clean windows and a door that makes them feel genuinely comfortable about stepping in when invited. To increase curb appeal and make sure your guests feel great, use these simple tips and tricks as soon as the snow melts.

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