Hailstorm damage commercial roofer roofing assessment

Roofing Damage

We all know how severe hail damage can be, but unfortunately, when it comes to their roof, many people choose to ignore it.

On a commercial roof, hail damage can be simply cosmetic – if you are lucky! -, but also functional, impairing the integrity of the structure or materials. Even cosmetic damage can turn into functional damage, sooner or later, so it must not be ignored.

After every hailstorm, you should bring in a professional Denver commercial roofer to assess the overall condition of the roof and identify all the damage that must be fixed as soon as possible, to prevent bigger problems in the future.

Being proactive about your roof also translates your best interest to maintain it and keep it in good shape, which will be very helpful should you make an insurance claim.

Besides, even if you are lucky enough to experience only cosmetic hail damage, make no mistake: cosmetic damage can also impact your business in a negative way, since your commercial building is a reflection of your business.

In the process of assessing hail damage to your roof, make sure you understand that the existing roofing materials will impact the damage.


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