Reasons For A Commercial Roofing Company Inspection in Highlands Ranch Colorado

First Roof Inspection

Commercial roofs are sturdy, durable and resistant constructions that take a lot of beating from the elements and need some care from their owners to be able to perform properly. The best way to ensure fault-free performance is to inspect and maintain the roof regularly. Ideally, commercial roofing needs to be cleaned and inspected by a licensed commercial roofing company inspector every six months, once in spring, when the snow is gone and once in fall, when the roof is prepared for the coming winter. If your commercial roof is new or it has been neglected for a long time, here is how the first inspection should go:

  • Roof cleaning – it is very difficult to detect problems on a roof covered in debris, so every roof inspection should involve a cleaning process as well. If the roof is strong and new and it can be safely stepped on, the process can start directly with the removal of the debris, but if it is old and you are not sure whether it can still hold up the roofer’s weight, the process should start with some probing;
  • Detailed inspection – certain areas of commercial roofs, such as the sides that can be affected by shrinkage, the flashing and the components responsible for drainage are more sensitive, therefore they need more attention, but a thorough inspection checks every inch of the roof. The person doing the inspection needs to check for any sign of damage, such as cracks, missing components, curling, rust or corrosion and whatever faults are identified, the maintenance process must continue with the repair of those faults.
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