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As you’re seeking to hire a roofer or an accomplished Parker EPDM roofer in your area, you might have second thoughts about using EPDM at all. After all, there are so many different kinds of commercial roofing systems and materials that you can opt for. TPO, metal panel, bitumen and single ply roofing are just a few that you can consider. So what makes EPDM special and how does the material hold out when compared to other types of roofing?


First of all, it’s worth mentioning that EPDM roofing is not a new technology. It was derived from polyethilene and developed as an M-class rubber that is highly resilient and durable. As such, it can easily be used for the purpose of protecting a home or a building from the elements for many years and in many different types of climates and conditions.


EPDM can withstand cold temperatures of -40 C as well as heat as high as 150 C, depending on the variety of EPDM you have and the type of coating your roof is equipped with. EPDM roofs are also known to last for up to 50 years and to be extremely easy (and affordable) to repair.


Another great advantage of EPDM roofs is that they are quite easy to install, so you won’t have to pay a service too much for installation, and you can still benefit from good warranty in the long run.

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