Roof Inspection in Keeping Metal Roofing From Fading in Aurora, Boulder Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, Denver, Highlands Ranch, Lakewood, Littleton, Longmont, and Parker Colorado.

Roof Inspection Frequency

The recommended frequency for roof inspections performed by the roof’s owner is twice a year, once in spring, when harsh winter weather is gone and the time comes to assess and remedy the damage sustained by the roof and the adjacent components and once in fall, before cold weather settles in and the roof needs to be prepared for the challenges posed by winter. Here is what roof inspection should involve:

  • Inspection standing on the ground – many forms of roof damage are visible from the ground, too. Just look up on the roof with bare eyes or use a binocular – the process will give you an idea of the roof areas that need more attention;
  • Roof cleaning – it is easier to detect roof damage if the roof is clean, so clean the roof with a broom on a long stick. You can use your garden hose, too, but make sure that the jet is gentle to avoid damaging the roof surface;
  • Inspection done on the roof – if you feel safe moving at heights and the roof is sufficiently solid to bear your weight, you can go up on the roof to have a closer look. Search for displaced components, for cracked, chipped or broken tiles, for torn, curling or buckling shingles and for shingles with missing or damaged surface granules. Check for signs of rust and rot as well as for loose or sagging components – they all need to be fixed as soon as possible by a qualified Parker Roofing professional.
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