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Insulation is important if you want to keep your home up to code. However, setting that aside for a moment, we have to consider the crucial role that proper insulation plays when it comes to keeping your energy costs low and making sure your HVAC will live to see another winter.


In the spring, people don’t think about insulation too much, especially since the weather tends to warm up, so there is less need to keep all that good warmth in the house. Or is there?


Most experts can tell you that homes tend to lose a lot of heat in the spring when they don’t have proper insulation. This is because the fluctuating temperatures and the fact that thermostats might still be set to winter values might lead to discrepancies when it comes to how your heating system reads the temperature in your home. If your thermostat detects that the house is warm enough, it won’t turn on the heat. If the home gets too cold as a result, it’ll take longer for it to heat up, and your HVAC might use up an unnecessary amount of energy to get to that level.


A better layer of insulation can protect you from that. It will effectively keep the warmth inside even if your heating system isn’t running. As a result, there will be fewer temperature fluctuations and less of a need for your HVAC to compensate.  Have a Littleton roofing company come to do an inspection of the current insulation in your attic to determine if a better insulation is needed.

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