Storm Damaged Roof In Need of Roof Repair

Storm Damage and Roof Maintenance

Storm damage can occur even under the best of circumstances. Imagine you spent more than $15,000 on a brand new roof. If the installation was poorly done, you can experience storm damage very early on. Furthermore, it won’t be easy to cope with if you wait until it gets worse. As a result, whether you need to perform regular maintenance and check-ups or just check on your roof occasionally, when you feel there might be storm damage involved.


How do you go about inspecting your own roof? While it’s easier to call in the pros, with a little care and forethought, you can perform the job yourself. All you have to do is follow these steps:


  • Start by gathering the right safety equipment. You’ll need a sturdy ladder that can be fastened into place, a harness to prevent injury by falling, and a pair of sturdy boots to avoid sliding off the roof by mistake.
  • Place the ladder and secure your harness, then double check everything for safety. If you’re not sure that you did everything right, contact a professional roofer for help.
  • Climb up on the ladder, and start looking for signs of damage. These can include anything from chipped tiles to broken and cracked shingles.
  • Always make sure you check the flashing. Your flashing is the most likely spot for storm damage to occur, especially if you have a new roof with sturdy shingles.


Along with all these tips, the best advice is to call in the professionals.  For a great roofing company, go to –all-tables/.

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