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Inspection checklist Spring

If it isn`t, it should be! Spring marks a new year, a new beginning. Winter is gone, weather is nice, so there is no excuse to postpone a general home cleaning. And, since the roof is such an important element of the house, you must definitely include it in your checklist and schedule Lakewood roofers for an inspection.

During the cold season, your roof has been exposed to severe weather, in the form of freeze-thaw cycles, winter precipitations, wind etc. Sometimes, a roof comes out from the cold season with some damage that must be fixed quickly in order to prevent high roofing repair costs. This is why spring is ideal to call a professional roofer and schedule an inspection and general maintenance operations that must include:

  • Cleaning gutters and downspouts

The excuse that you have just cleaned your pluvial system in the fall is not valid; gutters and downspouts must be cleaned at least twice a year, to prevent them from being clogged with debris and to make sure that rain water is collected safely.

  • Checking the integrity of the roof cover

Make sure your roof is examined for loose shingles or damaged flashing, as well as for wear and tear.

  • Trimming the surrounding trees

Trees that are too close to the roof must be trimmed to prevent their branches from brushing the roof or from falling on the roof and cause costly damage.

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